Montecito Journal: Bakery Goods for the Holidays

Montecito Journal: Bakery Goods for the Holidays

By Claudia Schou

LOKUM offers a delicious selection of Turkish baklavas made with pistachio, walnut, or hazelnut, with nuts sourced from Gaziantep, the Black Sea, and Central Anatolia regions.

“Even though it is available year-round, when the holidays come, people either bake their own baklava, or they order a tray of it from their local bakery,” explained Bülent Derdiyok, who co-owns and operates the Turkish café with his brother Levent.

“In the Mediterranean, baklava always has its place on the holiday dinner tables, and gets served to the guests when they come over to visit.”

Anatolia style baklava ($10) is a dessert made from layers of filo pastry, filled with pistachios and walnuts, and sweetened with syrup. Take one bite and experience the crunchiness of baklava, as its mild flavor melts in the mouth and its glossy syrup creates a sweet sensation on the finish. It is cut slightly larger than other baklava varieties. Besides baklava, the café is also known for its Turkish coffee ($15-$20 for an 8.8-ounce canister) and ornamental Turkish delight ($35 to $58). 

LOKUM is located at 1019 State Street, Santa Barbara.