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        Special Diets

          Herbal Pomegranate Tea

          Ingredients: Apple Rosehip Pomegranate Peel Hibiscus Flower Nature Identical Aroma Store in a cool and dry place.


          Herbal Beauty Tea

          Ingredients: Jasmine Flavor Eucalyptus Daisy Rose Hibiscus Store in a cool and dry place.


          Herbal Strawberry Tea

          Love strawberries? Try this sweet caffeine-free infusion. It blends all the bright and juicy flavor of fresh-picked berries with apple, rosehip, hibiscus, orange and cinnamon. Refreshingly fruity, it steeps up a...


          Herbal Mint Lemon Tea

          Ingredients: Mint Lemon Nature Identical Arom Store in a cool and dry place.

          $15.00 – $20.00

          Altinbas Classic Black Tea

          Harvested exclusively from the valuable uppermost tea leaves of Turkey's Eastern Black Sea Region. A superior everyday tea experience with richer and smooth taste. Turkey’s favorite brand Premium quality Fresh seal packaging...


          Herbal Tropical Tea

          Ingredients: Apple Rosehip Hibiscus Flower Orange Peel Cinnamon Bark Nature Identical Aroma Store in a cool and dry place.


          Herbal Apple Cinnamon Tea

          Ingredients: Apple Cinnamon Nature Identical Aroma Store in a cool and dry place.


          Herbal Strong Tea

          Magical tea developed from a blend of carnation, hibiscus flower, rosehip, chamomile and marshmallow flower, to which cardamom adds depth and subtle spicing. Ingredients: Cardamom Carnation Hibiscus Rosehip Chamomile Marshmallow Flower...


          Herbal Chamomile Tea

          Ingredients: Chamomile Store in a cool and dry place.


          Natural Herbal Teas have a wide variety of tastes, flavors and even health benefits. People drink organic herbal tea for digestion, weight loss and energy. To take advantage of all the benefits of herbal teas, you can choose a mix herbal tea, such as Tropical Tea, Strong Tea and Beauty Tea. You can find varieties of herbal tea like Strawberry Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Mint Lemon Tea, Chamomile Tea and Apple Cinnamon Tea. If you are wondering about where to buy Turkish tea or herbal tea in USA, we send them to you from our location in Santa Barbara, California.