Turkish Delight Rolls Deluxe Gift Box (II) (D)


Includes variety Turkish Delight:

  • Coffee, Pomegranate & Pistachio Turkish Delight
  • Hazelnut Cream, Pistachio, Almond and Orange Flavored Turkish Delight
  • Chocolate, Wildberry & Almond Cream Turkish Delight
  • Rose Petal Covered, Pomegranate & Pistachio Turkish Delight
  • Croissant, Almond & Nutella Turkish Delight
  • Blackberry Jam & Coconut Turkish Delight
  • Apple & Hazelnut Turkish Delight

Made with best quality, natural and fresh ingredients. 

Explore the original and true Turkish Delight taste sensations, and the most prestigious delicious treats. It adds a pleasant appearance on the table thanks to its aesthetic appearance and amazing taste.

  • Includes Gluten
  • Includes Dairy
  • Includes Nuts (Hazelnut, Pistachio)
  • Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Starch, Colorind/E124-E100-E141-E110, Nuts, Aromatic

Perfect for many different occasions and holidays - hostess and teacher gifts, birthday celebrations, weddings, saying thank you to anyone important in your life.

Turkish Delight has been used as a precious gift from hundreds of years. Crafted exclusively by talented master confectioners using traditional methods, it combines fresh fruits and nuts, without any preservatives or additives, and ideally served after meals or with coffee.

Legal Disclaimer

It may contain nut shells. Keep cool and dry.