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Brownie Chocolate & Hazelnut Turkish Delight (07)

This gourmet chocolate brownie Turkish delight with hazelnut is very different and delicious for those looking for different tastes of Turkish delight. It will be a type of delight you will...


Nesquik & Hazelnut Cream Turkish Delight (34)

Gourmet chocolate flavored delight filled with crunchy hazelnut cream, and decorated with nesquik powder. It is an absolute delicacy! Includes Gluten Includes Dairy Includes Nuts (Hazelnut) Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Starch, Colorind/E124-E100-E141-E110,...


Pomegranate, Pistachio & Chocolate Turkish Delight (54)

Gourmet combination of pomegranate and pistachio delights, decorated with crunchy chocolate pieces. Absolutely delicious! Gluten Free Includes Nuts (Pistachio) Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Starch, Colorind/E124-E100-E141-E110, Nuts, Aromatic, Chocolate CREATE YOUR ORDER Explore the...

Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight, also known as lokum, loqum, rahat al-hulqum, is a traditional Turkish dessert. You can now buy Turkish Delight online at LOKUM, and create your Custom Order with more than 30+ different flavors. We sell Best Quality Turkish Delight Candy. It makes a delicious and unique gift for birthdays and holidays for your family and friends. There are many different varieties of Turkish Delight such as Pistachio Delight, Pomegranate Delight, Rose Petal Delight, Walnut Delight, Chocolate Delight and more.

Turkish Delight became more and more popular all around the world since it was first made. Our Quality Delight looks bright and solid. As you bite, you feel the flavor equally with sugar. Turkish Delight became popular worldwide again with the movie Narnia. We have gluten-free, nut-free, vegan and dairy-free Turkish Delight flavors. So, it is also suitable for people with sensitive diet. If you are wondering about where to buy Turkish Delight in USA, we send the best Turkish Delight from our location in Santa Barbara, California.